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Omnidirectional Mobile Robot.

Traditional mobile platforms (like car’s) are mostly built on a four-wheeled base with two steerable wheels. This type of platform limits the feasible motions. Moving sideways and turning around are problematical maneuvers for conventional mobile platforms. The construction of special kinds of wheels (Mecanum wheels), which enable the platform to move in any desired direction (omnidirectional), is a suitable solution to resolve these disadvantages.

The concept of this platform differs from existing rectangular-shaped ones by a novel, octagonal base-form construction. The kinematic properties of the platform are not limited due to this way of construction at all. On contrary it is possible to achieve remarkable benefits in combination with the robot operating system ROS (autonomous navigation).

Technical data

  • Drives: 4 x 270 W synchronous servo engines
  • Electrical Capacity: 16 Ah at 25.9V LiPo accumulator
  • Drive Technology: 4 omnidirectional wheels
  • Control System: RTAI Linux with ROS
  • Bus Technology: CANopen
  • maximal velocity: 2.0 m/s

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