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Institute of Robotics
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Self-balancing Scooter.

Within several student projects, diploma thesis and research projects this Mini - Segway was designed. The main tasks of this robot are several control strategies which stabilize the robot in the upright position and enable a trajectory control. Current research is done in the implementation of human-machine interfaces. Thereby a Microsoft Kinect, which is fitted into the head of the Segway, as well as a Tablet should serve as intuitive joysticks for trajectory input.

Technical data:

  • Mechanical construction: Two wheel balancing robot
  • Drives: 2 x 20 W DC engines
  • Electrical Capacity: 4 Ah at 22.2V LiPo accumulator
  • Control system: RTAI Linux on costumer hardware
  • Control performance: Current control 400µs, Position control 2ms
  • Vision system: Microsoft Kinect

Institute of Robotics


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