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Institute of Robotics
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Six Legged Robot.

Expanding the pool of mobile robots, a six legged robot was developed. In difference to biped walking machines, this vehicle uses its six legs for walking, and is also able to use its wheeled legs for driving on plain ground. The main research in this area is focused on locomotion in rough terrain. By appropriate control of the legs, the robot is able to walk over scattered obstacles like a gravel bed.
  Equipped with a Microsoft Kinect, microphones and speakers, human-robot-interactions like speech and gesture recognition were tested. Furthermore a small manipulator for object gripping is mounted.

Technical data:
•Electrical Capacity: 5Ah at 14.8V
•Drive Technology: 6 wheeled legs (12 d.o.f), 2 driven wheels
•Maximum Velocity: 0.2 m/s (driving), 0.1 m/s (walking)
•Control System: RTAI Linux with ROS
•Perception: Microsoft Kinect, Microphones
•Special Features: 5 d.o.f manipulator, speakers

Institute of Robotics


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