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Central European Condensed Matter Day (CECMD)

Wednesday, September 25, 2024, at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Austrian Physical Society, Johannes Kepler University Linz

The central European region provides a unique opportunity for vibrant collaborative work. Unfortunately, this potential has not been fully utilized, leading to a false impression that there is a lack of critical mass for a creative and dynamic environment for young and excellent researchers. The Central European Condensed Matter Day during the Annual ÖPG Meeting serves as a showcase of scientific achievements in seven central European countries, presents available research infrastructure, and features a panel discussion on the future of science education and potential joint activities.

Program Central European Condensed Matter Day

CECMD Programme

CECMD program committee

Austria: Silke Buehler-Paschen (TU Vienna), Wolfgang Lang (U. Vienna)
Croatia: Ana Akrap (U. Zagreb), Denis Sunko, (U. Zagreb)
Czechia: Michal Urbánek (CEITEC Brno), Jan Kunes (U. Brno)
Hungary: Béla Pécz, (Hungarian Research Network Budapest), Szabolcs Csonka, (U. of Technology and Economics Budapest)
Slovakia: Milan Sýkora (U. Bratislava), Peter Samuely (Center for Low Temperature Physics Košice)
Slovenia: Dragan Mihailović (Jožef Stefan Inst. Ljubljana)
Switzerland: Johan Chang (U. Zurich), Henrik Rønnow (EPFL Lausanne)
Head of the Mid-EU Initiative: Neven Barišić (TU Vienna & U. Zagreb)


ÖPG organization committee:

Local organizers: Andreas Schell (JKU Linz), Gunther Springholz (JKU Linz)

ÖPG President: Christian Teichert

ÖPG Head of the Condensed Matter Section: Alberta Bonanni


CECMD Organization: Wolfgang Lang (U. Vienna) & Neven Barišić (TU Vienna & U. Zagreb)