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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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News & Events

Univ. Prof. Armando Rastelli

FWF Cluster of Excellence "Quantum Science Austria" (quantA) approved

The Rastelli group is part of quantA, a new cluster of excellence, bringing together the Austrian Quantum Science community and receiving support from…

F.l.: Armando Rastelli, Christian Schimpf and Saimon Covre da Silva

JKU Researchers Extend the Storage Time of Quantum Information in Semiconductor Nanostructures

All over the world, governments and companies are conducting research to create a new type of computer - quantum computers. The road to commercial…

Erwin Wenzl Preis Tobias Krieger

Erwin Wenzl Preis 2022

Congratulations to Tobias M. Krieger!

Macke Award, Tobias Krieger

Tobias Krieger among the Macke Award Winners 2022!

On 21st September 2022, the annual Macke Award comepetition took place in the JKU "Zirkus des Wissens", with several school classes present to elect…

DI Barbara Lehner

Frauen in der Wissenschaft: "Keine Angst vor Technik!"

Barbara Lehner forscht am LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab - aus Begeisterung.

Macke Award for Barbara Lehner

Congratulations to Barbara Lehner for Winning the Macke Award 2021!


Quantum Cryptography: A New Method for Tap-Proof Communication


Quantum Teleportation with Imperfect Quantum Dots


"Physics World 2020 Breakthrough of the Year"

Group Stangl involved in discovery of light emission of Si based material, (Nature 580, 205-209/2020), opens an external URL in a new window

See also article in Frankfurter Allgemeine…, opens an external URL in a new window