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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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News & Events

Macke Award for Barbara Lehner

Congratulations to Barbara Lehner for Winning the Macke Award 2021!


Quantum Cryptography: A New Method for Tap-Proof Communication


Quantum Teleportation with Imperfect Quantum Dots


"Physics World 2020 Breakthrough of the Year"

Group Stangl involved in discovery of light emission of Si based material, (Nature 580, 205-209/2020), opens an external URL in a new window

See also article in Frankfurter Allgemeine…, opens an external URL in a new window


Anna Spindlberger & Andrea Navarro Quezada won Upper Austrian Science Slam 2020 competition - congratulations!


Ascent+: Netzwerk für Forschungsexpertise

Mit einem Gesamtbudget von rund 10 Millionen Euro fördert die EU mit Ascent+, opens an external URL in a new window ein Netzwerk von Forschungsexpertise und institutioneller wie auch…


Article in DER STANDARD on recent
Nature Nanotechnology Paper


Light Emitting Silicon: Publication in NATURE

Julian Stangl and Dorian Ziss among authors of

NATURE 580, 205-209 (2020), opens an external URL in a new window


Article by Gunther Springholz et al. published in NATURE

In an article published in the high impact journal NATURE , opens an external URL in a new windowon 18 December 2019, Gunther Springholz, together with Oliver Rader (Helmholtz Zentrum /…