PhD Thesis

"Generation of maximally entangled states in the solid state"

Duration: 4 years
Contact: Dr. Marcus Reindl

Group Rastelli

Bachelor & Master theses available on the following topics:

  • Epitaxial growth of quantum nanostructures
  • Nanofabrication of photonic structures
  • Optical investigation of quantum emitters
  • Building up a Fabry-Perot interferometer for high resolution spectrosocopy
  • Entangled Photons
  • Thermal conductivity measurements of thin films
  • Calculation of electronic structure and optical properties of quantum emitters

Group Fromherz


Bachelor, Master and PhD theses available on Silicon based integrated quantum optics

Group Springholz


Bachelor, Master and PhD theses available on:

  • Multiferroic Rashba Semiconductors based on GeTe