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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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a. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gunther Springholz

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

1982- 1988
Study of physics at the Technical University of Graz, Austria

Graduation as Dipl. Ing. (M.S.)
Diploma thesis: "Deposition and Characterization of High-Temperature Superconductor Thin Films"

1988 – 1990
Research staff at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solid State Technology, Munich.
Work on laser and photo-induced chemical vapor deposition of silicon dioxide, reactive ion etching and multi-chamber processing technologies.

1990 – 1994
Research assistant at the Institut für Physik, Montanuniversität Leoben and at the Institut für Halbleiterphysik, University of Linz
Ph.D. thesis: "Molecular Beam Epitaxy and in situ Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction of IV-VI Semiconductor Heterostructures"

1994 – 1996
Post-doc at the Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz (scholarship of DFG).

1996 – 1999
University Assistant (Univ. Ass.) at Institut für Halbleiter- und Festkörperphysik / JKU Linz

Habilitation in the field "Experimental physics".

since 1999
Associate professor (a. Univ. Prof.) at Institut für Halbleiter- und Festkörperphysik / JKU Linz, and APART scholarship of the Austrian Science Foundation (until 2002).
Leader of the IV-VI semiconductor research group.

Research Fields

  • Molecular beam epitaxy and scanning tunneling microscopy of IV-VI semiconductors
  • Pattern formation and dynamics in epitaxial layers and superlattices
  • Self-organized growth of semiconductor nanostructures
  • Optical, electronic and magnetic properties of low-dimensional heterostructures
  • Mid-infrared vertical cavity surface emitting lasers


  • Erich-Schmid-Prize of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Fritz-Kohlrausch-Prize of the Austrian Physical Society
  • Richard-Büche-Award of the University of Linz