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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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Group members

Name Position Room Direct dial E-Mail
Univ. Prof.in Dr.in Alberta Bonanni Head of Group HP 217 9664 alberta.bonanni@jku.at

DIin Anna Spindlberger, MLBT

PHD Student HP 116 9640


Antonia Sterrer BSc Master Student HP 116 9659 antonia.sterrer@jku.at

Dr. Bogdan Faina

University Assistant

HP 115 9658


Dominik Biermeier BSc Master Student at Infineon      
Florian Großauer BSc Master Student HP 116 9640 florian.grossauer@jku.at
Harald Lindorfer BSc Master Student HP 116 9640 harald.lindorfer@jku.at
DI Julian Salchegger PhD Student HP 113 9660 julian.salchegger@jku.at
DIin Katharina Burgholzer PhD Student HP 114 9622 katharina.burgholzer@jku.at
Max Hofinger BSc Master Student HP 105 9671 max.hofinger@jku.at
DI Michael Steiner PhD Student HP 114 9622 michael.steiner@jku.at
Thomas Ellinger BSc Master Student HP 212   thomas.ellinger@jku.at

Dr. Rajdeep Adhikari

University Assistant HP 112 9659


Soma Adhikari MSc PhD Student HP 113 9660


Former Members



Affiliation today
Patrick Perndorfer 2022  
Margherita Matzer   WIVA P&G, opens an external URL in a new window
Julia Vorhauer 2021 MIBA
Andrea Navarro Quezada PostDoc Forschungsservice und Wissenstransfer, JKU
Philipp Kratzer 2021  
Lukas Stallinger 2021  
Klemens Dösinger 2020 self-employed

Dmytro Kysylychyn

2018 Infineon, Munich

Markus Aiglinger

2018 voestalpine, Linz

Patrick Raab

2018 E + E Elektronik, Engerwitzdorf

Tamara Decker


E + E Elektronik, Engerwitzdorf

Aitana Tarazaga Martín-Luengo 2017  

Martin Huber

2017 Infineon, Villach, Austria

Andreas Grois

2015 Still Alive Studios, Austria

Thomas Winkler

2010 KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

Giulia Capuzzo


Mauro Rovezzi

PostDoc ESRF, Grenoble, France

Tian Li


Thibaut Devillers

PostDoc Institute Néel, CNRS, France

Wolfgang Schlögelhofer