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Institute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physics
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Univ. Prof.in Dr.in Alberta Bonanni

Head of Quantum Materials Group
Vice-Rector for Research, Gender and Diversity

Curriculum Vitae

Vice-rector for für Research, Gender and Diversity at the Johannes Kepler University

University Professor at the Johannes Kepler University - Linz

Associate Professor at the Johannes Kepler University - Linz

Habilitation (venia docendi), at the JKU Linz, Habilitationsschrift: “Acceptors and magnetic ions in wide gap semiconductors - homogeneous doping vs. superstructures formation”

Responsible for the MOVPE laboratory and Magnetic Spin Materials Group at the Kepler University Linz

Assistant Professor

University Assistant for Solid State Physics at Kepler University Linz

PhD in Solid State Physics (Kepler University Linz): “Novel aspects of diluted and digital magnetic semiconductors”

PhD program at the Kepler University in Linz

Assistant Researcher at the Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria)

Assistant Researcher at the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, USA) - Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science; Staff member of the University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA)

Assistant Researcher at Laboratorio TASC - Area di Ricerca Trieste, (Italy)

Dottore in Solid State Physics, University of Trieste (Italy): “Local properties and stability of ZnSe/GaAs heterojunctions”

Research Interests

  • MOVPE of III-Nitrides
  • Magnetic Semiconductors
  • LED/laser structures in the IR and deep-UV
  • Spinorbitronics
  • Synchrotron Radiation
  • Point Contact Andreev Reflection


  • 2016 Staatspreis Patent
  • 2016 The golden star of honor and the order of Knighthood of the Italian Republic (for scientific merits)
  • 2012 Oberösterreichischer Forscherinnen Award 2012, Sonderpreis für Internationalität
  • 2000  Karlheinz Seeger Prize of the Austrian Physical Society