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2D Materials

The extraordinary tenability and versatility of the optical, electrical and magnetical properties of 2D van-der-Waals materials opens the door for a new field of research for the next-generation devices in nanoelectronics and optics. Latest since K. Novoselow and A. Geim discovered the possibility of mechanical exfoliation of graphene, which got them the Noble prize of physics in 2010, the production and study of 2D van-der-Waals materials gain a lot of interest in research. In our research group we fabricate by mechanical exfoliation 2D, and place it on different substrate via dry transport.

Our material of choice and research topics in this field are:

  • fabrication of 2D materials on demand
  • fabrication of field-effect-transistors by using transition metal dichalcogenides
  • production of ohmic and Schottky contacts controlled band-gap engineering and spin-wave transport  in transition metal phosphorus trisulphides
  • research on semimetallic 2D materils (PtSe2, WTe2, MoTe2,..) to show
    • the type-II Dirac and Weyl fermions in bulk and atomically thin layers
    • chiral anomaly
    • Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling of type-II

Fig. 1: Raman measurement at the exfoliated Bi2Se3 flake on sapphire

raman of 2D material

Fig. 2: Graphene - NiPS3 - graphene heterostructure on SiOx

graphen under microscope