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Spin-orbitronics: Spin pumping

In the emerging field of spin-orbitronics, spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is employed in both magnetic and non-magnetic materials to generate, exploit and detect spin currents. The generation of pure spin currents in functional semiconductors is a fundamental requirement for the implementation in the next generation of spin-based devices. Besides being strategic material systems for state-of-the-art optoelectronics and high power electronics, III-nitride semiconductors like GaN and AlxGa1-xN doped with magnetic elements have been widely studied as dilute magnetic semiconductors [1-4]. Moreover, with a non-negligible Rashba spin-orbit coupling parameter of (4.5+1.0) meV Å [5] and long spin relaxation times, n-GaN:Si is an outstanding workbench for the generation and manipulation of pure spin currents, which we studied and produced as reported in [6].

Fig. 1: Spin pumping process [6]

spin pumping images

Fig. 2: Estimated inverse spin Hall voltage [6]

invers spin hall voltage