Semiconductor Physics
Monday Seminar, Library 15:00

Due to the Corona Virus, the Monday Seminars are currently held via ZOOM video conference.

Winter Term 2020

Monday 09 Nov. 15:00 Prof. Tobias Schülli, ESRF Grenoble: Nano-imaging of functional nanomaterials by spatially resolved X-ray diffraction
Tuesday 13 Oct. 13:00 Prof. Walter Weber, TU Wien, Institute of Solid State Electronics: Fostering Nanoelectronic Material Innovations Towards Beyond-CMOS Device Applications
Wednesday 07 Oct. 15:00 Bachelor Presentation Maximilian Aigner: Characterization and manipulation of entangled photons


Summer Term 2020

26 March 2020  Dorian Ziss, interim report: "Hexagonal Si-Ge Characterization of a new polytype realized in nanowire structures”
30 March 2020 Jeffrey Schuster, interim report: "Site-controlled stacks of SiGe quantum dots as near-infrared light source"
06 April 2020 Lada Vukusic, introduction talk: "Charge sensing and spin relaxation times of holes in Ge hut wires"
06 May 2020 (Wednesday) Brett Johnson (Univ. Melbourne, Australia): "Defects in silicon carbide wtih quantum functionalities"
18 May 2020 Dr. Javier Martín Sánchez: "Nanooptics in Hyperbolic Van der Waals Materials"
25 May 2020 Tobias Krieger, final report Master thesis: "Towards scalable sources of entangled photon pairs relying on GaAs quantum dots embedded in circular Bragg resonators"
8 June 2020 Michael Hofstadler (DMCE Danube Mobile Communications Engineering, Intel Linz), final report Master thesis: "Capability assessment of a 5G NR mmWave compact antenna test range system for active antenna beam-steering"
18 June 2020 Claire Le Gall, University of Cambridge: "Coherent interface between a single electron and a nuclear ensemble"
20 Aug. 2020 Dominik Gruber, final report Master thesis: "Electric field dependent emission of single GaAs quantum dots grown by local droplet etching";
Maximilian Fuchs, final report Master thesis: "Growth of GaInAs quantum dots via local droplet etching on InP substrate for the standard telecom window"
07 Sept. 2020 Rajat Sethi, final report Master thesis: "Correlation between structural and optical properties of GaAs quantum dots"
28 Sept 2020 Juan Carlos Loredo Rosillo: "Solid-state based sources of non-classical light"