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Institute of Signal Processing
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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer  Head of Institute 0523 5681 mario.huemer@jku.at
Assoc.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Lunglmayr , opens in new window Associate Professor 0525-2 5689 michael.lunglmayr@jku.at


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Birgit Bauer 0525-1 5680 birgit.bauer@jku.at
Vivien Knapp




Scientific Staff Members

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Dr.techn. DI Oliver Lang 0503 5682 oliver.lang@jku.at
DI Dr. Carl Böck  0509 5684 carl.boeck@jku.at
DI Dr. Yuneisy García Guzmán 0535 5694 yuneisy.garcia_guzman@jku.at
DI Matthias Wagner 0529 5688 matthias.wagner@jku.at
DI Stefan Baumgartner 0509 5695 stefan.baumgartner@jku.at
Esmaeil Kavousi Ghafi MSc 0529 5697 esmaeil.kavousi_ghafi@jku.at
Moritz Tockner, MSc 0531   5699 moritz.tockner@jku.at
DI Gregor Waizenauer 0535  5685 gregor.waizenauer@jku.at
Jakob Winkler, MSc 0535 5698 jakob.winkler@jku.at
DI Andreas Meingassner 0531 5693 andreas.meingassner@jku.at

External Researchers

Name Company E-Mail
DI Alexander Klinkan     
DI Adnan Husakovic Primetals adnan.husakovic@primetals.com
DI Jovan Markovic     
DI Mayeul Jeannin Infineon Technologies AG, München mayeul.jeannin@infineon.com


Name Room Phone E-Mail
Manuel Feindert 0502 5687 manuel.feindert@jku.at
Simon Dorrer 0502 5687 simon.dorrer@jku.at
Anna Werzi 0502 5687 anna.werzi@jku.at


Former Staff Members and Alumni

Dr. Alexander Onic      
DI (FH) Florian Bemsel       
Dr. Christian Hofbauer       
Dr. Alexander Melzer       
Dr. Andreas Gebhard      
Dr. Andreas Berger      
Dr. Marc Kanzian      

Dr. Stefan Trampitsch

Dr. Peter Kovacs      
Kyriaki Kostoglou PhD      

Dr. Ram Sunil Kanumalli 

Daniel Lagler MSc      
Andreas Meingassner      
Dr. Gergő Bognár      
DI Andreas Gaich      
Michael Gerstmair PhD      
Christian Motz PhD      

Thomas Paireder PhD

DI Dr. Christoph Preissl       

DI Oliver Ploder

DI Dr. Eugen Pfann       
DI Christina Auer       
Bernhard Gschwandtner