DI Alexander Klinkan 

Portrait Alexander Klinkan

Ph.D. Student

Curriculum Vitae

Alexander Klinkan was born in Linz, Austria in 1985. In 2012 he received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in Mechatronics from the Johannes Kepler University, Linz with specialization on Integrated Circuit (IC) design for FPGAs and ASICs. In 2011 he joined DMCE (Danube Mobile Communication Engineering, Majority Owned by Intel) for writing his diploma thesis with the title “High-Level Synthesis of DSP Blocks”. In 2012 he started a full-time employment at DMCE working in the field of Sampling Rate Converters (SRCs). Since January 2017 he is also contributing to the CD laboratory for Digitally Assisted RF Transceivers for Future Mobile Communications as an external researcher and working towards his PhD degree. His research activities focus on interpolation algorithms and implementation architectures of SRCs in polar transmitters.

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