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Part-Time and Full Time Programmer.

As part of an industrial project, we are looking for programmers for min. 2 days a week or offer full-time intenships (eg, for the summer holidays). The workplace is directly with us at the Institute (SP3) and working hours are flexible. Different programming languages ​​are used in this project. One project is about bringing software development tools into the cloud (a highly relevant subject). Another proejct is building a network communication (middleware) so that machines can communicate with each other (we are currently running a pilot project with Lego Mindstorm Robotics). If you like to gain valueable experiences, are interested in finding out what work we do, and at the same time still have the flexibliity to continue your studies then this might be right position for you.  For details, please contact Alexander Egyed. We are a 30+ strong research and development team and a good place to gain first practical programming experience. It is quite possible to combine this position with a Bakk or Master's thesis.