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Institute of Structural Lightweight Design
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Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Martin Schagerl

Head of the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design at the JKU Linz

Business Career


since 2009

Head of the Institute of Structural Lightweight Design at the JKU Linz

since 2003

Member of the Committee and 2006-2019 Chairman of the Industry Committee for Structure Analysis (IASB, Publisher of the HSB)


Head of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Structural Strength Control of Lightweight Constructions


Member of the Board and 2008-2009 Chairman of the Board of the Walther Blohm Foundation 


Development Engineer and 2008-2009 Head of the Structure Analysis Methods and Tools Department at Airbus Germany GmbH, Hamburg


Max-Kade Fellow, Mathematics Department, University of Maryland, USA


University Assistant at the Institute for Mechanics, Vienna University of Technology


Academic Degrees



Full Professor for Structural Lightweight Design at the JKU Linz


Habilitation in Mechanics, Vienna University of Technology


PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology


Diplom-Ingenieur (equiv. Master) in Mechanical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology


Research Activity

Research Interests

  • Design of Lightweight Structures
  • Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)
  • Structural Mechanics and Elastic Stability
  • Strength of Composite and Metallic Materials
  • Aircraft Structures and Aerospace Engineering

Selected Publications

  • with C. Kralovec,
    Review of structural health monitoring methods regarding a multi-sensor approach for damage assessment of metal and composite structures,
    Sensors, 20(3):826, 2020
    open access, opens an external URL in a new window
  • with S. Nonn, Y. Zhao, S. Gschossmann and C. Kralovec,
    Application of electrical impedance tomography to an anisotropic carbon fibre-reinforced polymer composite laminate for damage localization,
    Composites Science and Technology, 160:231-236, 2018
    open access, opens an external URL in a new window
  • with S. Hörrmann, A. Adumitroaie and C. Viechtbauer,
    The effect of fiber waviness on the fatigue life of CFRP materials,
    International Journal of Fatigue, 90:139-147, 2016
  • with C. Mittelstedt,
    A composite view on Windenburg's problem: Buckling and minimum stiffness requirements of compressively loaded orthotropic plates with edge reinforcements,
    International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, 52:471-484, 2010
  • with M. Krupa, W. Poth, A. Steindl, W. Steiner, H. Troger and G. Wiedermann,
    Modelling, dynamics and control of tethered satellite systems,
    Nonlinear Dynamics, 43(1-2):73-96, 2006
  • with S. S. Antman,
    Slumping instabilities of elastic membranes holding liquids and gases,
    International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 40:1112-1138, 2005
  • with W. Steiner,
    Raumflugmechanik: Dynamik und Steuerung von Raumfahrzeugen,
    Monograph, ISBN 3-540-20761-9, Springer Heidelberg, 2004
  • with A. Berger,
    Propagation of small waves in inextensible strings,
    Wave Motion, 35:339-353, 2002
  • with W. Steiner, A. Steindl and H. Troger,
    On the paradox of the free falling folded chain,
    Acta Mechanica, 125:155-168, 1997