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Institute of Technical Mechanics (TMech)
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Head of Institute

Name Room Ext. E-mail
Prof. DI Dr. Michael Krommer MT0440 6281 michael.krommer@jku.at



Name Room Ext. E-Mail
AR.in Mag.a Gertrude Buchmayr-Riedl MT0441 6280 gertrude.buchmayr@jku.at

Laboratory Manager

Name Room Ext. E-Mail
ADir. DI Andreas Brandl MT0444 6304 andreas.brandl@jku.at


Scientific Staff

Name Room Ext E-Mail
Ass. Prof. DI Dr. Helmut Holl MT 0476 6310 helmut.holl@jku.at
Assoc. Prof. DI Dr. Alexander Humer MT0475 6309 alexander.humer@jku.at
Assoc. Prof. DI Dr. Astrid Pechstein MT0472/1 6311 astrid.pechstein@jku.at

University Assistents

Name Room Ext. E-Mail
Univ. Ass. DI Mario Kunzemann MT0474 6308 mario.kunzemann@jku.at

Research Assistents

Name Room Ext. E-mail
DI Leonhard Doppelbauer BSc MT0474 6298 leonhard.doppelbauer@jku.at
DI Sebastian Platzer BSc MT0473 6299 sebastian.platzer@jku.at
DI Dr. Jürgen Schöftner MT0473 6314 juergen.schoeftner@jku.at

External Lecturers

Name Room Ext. E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Dr.h.c. Alexander Belyaev MT0438 6280 alexander.belyaev@jku.at

Graduate Students

Name Room Ext. E-Mail
Felix Unterberger MT0436 - felix.unterberger@jku.at
Marcus Winterer MT0436 - marcus.winterer@jku.at


Name Room Ext. E-Mail
Prof. DI Dr.Dr.h.c. Hans Irschik MT0435 6307 hans.irschik@jku.at