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Institute of Technical Mechanics (TMech)
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Alexander Humer

Curriculum Vitae

Associate Professor, Vice-Head Institute of Technical Mechanics

Venia docendi for "Technical Mechanics"

Assistant Professor, Vice-head Institute of Technical Mechanics, JKU Linz

Team Lead Simulation, Area Mechanics & Control (MECON), Linz Center of Mechatronics (LCM)

Ph.D. in Technical Sciences, Ph.D. thesis: "Large Deformation Problems in Dynamics, Stability and Postbuckling of Beams", JKU Linz

University Assistant, Institute of Technical Mechanics, JKU Linz

Researcher, Unit Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems, LCM Linz

Master in Mechatronics, Master thesis: "On the Modelling of Growth: A Continuum Mechanics Approach for Problems with Volume Distributed Production Terms of Mass and Linear Momentum", JKU Linz