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Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies
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Welcome to the Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies!

Established in May 2001, the Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies is the only university department in Austria that works actively across all faculties in support of the study of Women Affairs and Gender Studies.

The institute lies at the crossroads of gender relations and academia, science, business, and society. The institute's interdisciplinary focus allows us to pay close attention to gender relations that are relevant in all academic and scientific disciplines as well as areas of society. Our interdiciplinary team is comprised of representatives in social sciences, economics, and business as well as in humanities and cultural studies. In this regard, the institute's research foci are correspondingly broad and closely examines, for example, gender-relevant issues in regard to economic discrimination, cultural representation, and technological development.

Our educational program is part of numerous academic degree programs at the JKU in support of the JKU's goal to support its plan for the advancement of women and integrate courses about women's affairs and gender sensitivity into the university's curricula.

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Johannes Kepler University Linz
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Aubrunnerweg 9, 1st floor

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8. Austrian Feminist Economics Workshop

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Performance lectures & creative workshops:
How to become a high-tech anti-discrimination activist collective


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