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Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies
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Women's and Gender studies.

Gender studies are now part of the standard profile of modern, innovative universities across Europe. The theoretical starting point of gender studies is the insight that gender and gender relations are not given by nature, but are subject to social and cultural construction mechanisms - this can be seen, for example, in the historical variability of gender images. The concrete gender constructions of a society are effective in the most diverse areas of society - for example, numerous role assignments are linked to gender, which for example result in a gender-specific division of activities between (family) members of a household and different career paths of the sexes in the labor market. Attributions of skills and characteristics are also often based on gender ascriptions or stereotypes. The central goal of gender studies is to examine the real consequences of societal gender images e.g. to analyze in the fields of economy, society, education, science as well as in art and culture.