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Intelligent Transport Systems
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Name Direct dial E-Mail
Oliver Bartenstein 5491 oliver.bartenstein(at)jku.at

PhD Students

Name Direct dial E-Mail
Eng. Walter Morales, BSc 5493 walter.morales_alvarez(at)jku.at
Jihed Khiari, MSc 5492 jihed.khiari(at)jku.at
Enrico Del Re, MSc 5493 enrico.del_re(at)jku.at
Novel Certad, MSc 5493 novel.certad_hernandez(at)jku.at
Aso Validi, MSc (external)   aso.validi(at)jku.at
Georg Novotny, MSc (extrernal)   georg.novotny(at)jku.at
Gregory Schroeder, MSc (external)   gregory_peter.schroeder(at)jku.at

Graduate students

Name Direct dial E-Mail
Yuzhou Liu, BSc 5492 yuzhou.liu(at)jku.at
Sebastian Tschernuth, BSc 5493 sebastian.tschernuth(at)jku.at
Delgermaa Gankhuyag, BSc 5492 delgermaa.gankhuyag(at)jku.at
Amirhesam Aghanouri, BSc 5492 amirhesamag(at)yahoo.com



Name   activity at the time
B. Óscar Sipele Siale   Research assistant
Mahmoud Hazem   Research assistant
Franz Kopica   Research assistant
Nikita Smirnov   Research assistant
Ezgi Demir   Research assistant

Araluce Ruiz Javier

  Research assistant
Alfredo Valle Barrio   Research assistant
Eng. Astrid Mosquera   Research assistant
Stephanie Kump   Research assistant external