Direct Aid and Assistance for Students Affected by the War in Ukraine.

Refugee teens and and young adults are experiencing difficult and stressful living conditions.

The war in Ukraine is driving teens and young adults to leave their homes and possessions behind as quickly as possible and take only the bare necessities with them.

Many young people have set out alone to find a place of refuge, often with only the things that fit in a small backpack. They not only leave their familiar surroundings and their family and friends behind, they also leave behind their educational plans and dreams for a professional future.

The MORE initiative at the JKU Linz aims to provide support services to students with a refugee background, ensuring they can continue to pursue their professional plans and dreams. The program provides academic advising services and assists refugee students as they begin their studies at the university. Refugee students receive a start-up package that contains a few items needed for their studies and everyday life on campus.

In support, we are asking for financial donations! 


If you would like to donate and support students affected by the war in Ukraine, here is the bank transfer information:

Donation account Input data
Payment Recipient Johannes Kepler Universität
IBAN AT42 3400 0000 0184 4646
Intended Purpose* Spenden MORE Ukraine

Donations are also possible via Paypal, opens an external URL in a new window!


*Please be sure and fill out the payment purpose field! If you wish to deduct your donation for tax purposes, please add your date-of-birth in payment purpose field.

Every donation counts! Thank you!