Borealis-More Scholarship.

Borealis AG and JKU Linz create "MORE": Financial support for those who have a refugee background

The Borealis-MORE Scholarship is aimed at students with a refugee background who have been admitted to study at JKU. The aim of the scholarship program is to bridge the period in studies for students with a refugee background where they are excluded from other financial support. At the beginning of the semester a Learning Agreement is signed between the scholarship recipient and university in which students agree to complete a designated amount of academic work.

If you have any questions about the Borealis-MORE Scholarship, please send an e-mail to


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Entrance outside, opposite the Management Center

Application for the Borealis-MORE-Scholarship You have a refugee background, hold a letter of admission issued by the JKU Linz to enroll in an academic degree program and
currently not receive any financial support (scholarship, study grant)?
Then you may apply for the Borealis-MORE-Scholarship

Call for applications

How much ist the Borealis-MORE-Scholarship for?

The scholarship amount depends on asylum status and is between €1,200 and €3,600 per academic year.

  • Group 1: Those who have been granted asylum;subsidiary protection or students with another residence permit in accordance with the AsylG or FPG and who have degree-seeking student status will receive a total of €3,600 for the academic year (€300/month).
  • Group 2: Those seeking asylum (ongoing process), who have degree-seeking student status will receive a total of €1,320 for the academic year (€110/month).

In addition, all groups will receive a travel allowance in accordance with the applicable guidelines and any (potential) tuition fees.


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