MORE - A Program by Austrian Universities for Refugees and Displaced Persons.

The JKU Linz has been involved in the UNIKO's MORE-Initiative since the fall of 2015.

The initiative aims to provide refugees and displaced persons with educational qualifications and support to pursue an academic degree.

Together with UNIKO, opens an external URL in a new window (Austrian University Conference), Univ. Prof. Dr. Johann Bacher initiated the MORE program at the JKU Linz during Winter Semester 2015/2016 to give refugees an opportunity to have an academic future. As Dean at the time, Prof. Bacher actively led the MORE team and managed the MORE program. Under the management of Sonja Falkner-Matzinger, BA MSc., the International Welcome Center and Student Ombuds Office has been managing the MORE-Initiative since September 2020 on behalf of the JKU Linz and anchoring the program at the JKU Linz

When the MORE-Initiative began, the program focused more on helping refugees learn German. Over time, however, the program has expanded to give refugees and displaced persons an opportunity to earn the required educational qualifications needed in order to enroll at the JKU Linz and pursue an academic degree. Refugees and displaced persons may actively take part in the MORE-Initiative regardless of whether or not they are seeking asylum or if the procedure is already complete.

Current Office Hours:

Weekdays Times
Monday 1.00 PM - 3.00 PM
Tuesday 9.00 AM - 11.00 AM
Wednesday 12.00 PM - 2.00 PM
Thursday 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM


Different Office Hours:
Tuesday, February 13: 12.00 PM-02.00 PM

Make an appointment to learn more about MOREclassic by sending an e-mail to: more(at)
Make an appointment to learn more about Borealis-MORE-Scholarship by sending an e-mail to: borealis-more-stipendium(at)

MORE Contact

Program Management

Sonja Falkner-Matzinger, BA MSc

Borealis MORE Scholarship

Carina Kobler, BA BA MA


Judith Gattermayr


Bank Building, Ground Floor
Entrance outside, opposite the Management Center


+43 732 2468 3050



  • Application period for the summer semester 2024 Application period: January 10 - March 15, 2024

    Open Call
  • The JKU Supports Displaced Persons from Ukraine Information and support for displaced persons

  • Direct Aid for refugee and displaced students


Prerequisites to be part of the MORE Initiative

  • Official status a a refugee or displaced person (ongoing or concluded procedure)

  • Admission to an academic degree program at the JKU Linz has been approved

  • Application to the MORE program has been approved (annual call for applications)

  • No access to financial aid (i.e. scholarship or study grant)

The MORE Initiative at the JKU

There are two programs:

What does it mean to take part in the MORE program?

Shabnam and Angelika, two participants in the MORE-Initiative, talk about their experience in the program:

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The Borealis-MORE Scholarship


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