Borealis-More Scholarship.

Borealis AG and the JKU Linz created "MORE": Financial support for refugees and displaced persons.

The Borealis-MORE Scholarship is for refugees and displaced persons who have been admitted to a degree-program at the JKU. The scholarship program aims to bridge the study gap in which students are excluded from other sources of financial support.

What does taking part in the Borealis-MORE Scholarship mean for you?

  • A scholarship amounting € 110 or € 360 per month (depending on your residence status)
  • A travel allowance (for those living outside of Linz)
  • Covering any incurred tuition fees
  • Signing a "Learning Agreement" (and successfully completing 12 ECTS credits per semester)
  • Taking part in regularly scheduled get-togethers to share ideas and connect

The Borealis-MORE Scholarship is awarded annually for one academic year.


Carina Kobler, BA BA MA


Bank Building, Ground Floor,
Entrance outside, opposite from the Management Center

Advising Services

By appointment

  • Application for the Borealis-MORE-Scholarship The application period for the Borealis-MORE-Scholarship for the academic year 2024/2025 opens on June 24, 2024, and ends on July 7, 2024.

    Call for Applications

Who is eligible to apply for the Borealis-MORE Scholarship?

  • Refugees or displaced persons enrolled in a degree-program at the JKU Linz,
  • Refugees or displaced persons holding a valid letter of admission* (= an official letter issued by the JKU stating you may enroll at the JKU as a degree-seeking student, and
  • if you are currently not receiving any financial aid (such as a study grant, the Ernst Mach Grant, ...)

Please note: The Borealis-MORE Scholarship supports JKU students only. To be eligible for the Borealis-MORE Scholarship, you must be currently enrolled at the JKU, or eligible to enroll (= positive letter of admis-sion).

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