Student Ombuds Office.

Advice - Assistance - Mediation.

The Student Ombuds Office is part of the Vice-Rectorate for Research and International Affairs.
The office is independent and available to all JKU students. All matters are dealt with in confidence.

The Student Ombuds Office at the JKU Linz is a specific instance when it comes to conflict situations in the area of education & studies and problems cannot be solved to the satisfactory of the main responsible offices (course management, institute management, degree program management, Austrian Student Union representation, Austrian Student Union departments, the Office of Teaching and Studies Organization, etc.).

The Student Ombuds Office provides information and advice relating to the legal parameters in relation to the individual's problem.

The Student Ombuds Office can contact those responsible on-site and work together with the students to find a solution.

The office can provide mediation services to address issues that cannot be settled directly by the institutions.

Student Ombuds Office


Sonja Falkner-Matzinger, BA MSc.
Registered mediator


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
A-4040 Linz / Austria


Bank Building, Ground Floor, Room 010

Phone (Office)

+43 732 2468 3050

Studierender mit Unterlagen im Science Park sitzend

Procedures & Contact

  1. Please try clarifying your concerns directly with the institution or individual involved.

  2. If all other conventional channels of resolution and mediation have proven to be unsuccessful, contact the ombudsperson by phone, by sending an e-mail, or in person (by appointment).

  3. If you would like for us to represent your problem or concern, please send an e-mail to ombudsstelle-studierende(at) detailing the situation so that the ombudsperson can provide the best possible information and, if necessary, take action and assist you in your matter.
    Please note: If you send an e-mail to the Student Ombuds Office in "cc" only, we will consider the e-mail content as information only and the ombudsperson will not take any action.


  4. Following in-depth discussions and after obtaining your consent, the ombudsperson will contact the responsible parties on your behalf and work with them to resolve the matter.

The Student Ombudsperson can provide information, advising services, and mediate, but cannot...

... issue instructions to university employees

... amend existing regulations ad hoc (laws, regulations, decrees)

... revoke official decisions

... intervene in ongoing, legal proceedings

... represent you in court


The following service-oriented offices are also available to provide assistance with any questions or problems you may have:

  • Teaching and Studies Organization Please direct general questions regarding organizing your studies etc., to the respective departments at the Department of Teaching and Studies Organization.

  • Student Psychological Counseling Services If you are having study-related issues or personal problems, you can contact the Student Psychological Counseling Services in Linz located directly on campus.

    Counseling , opens an external URL in a new window
  • The Committee for Equal Opportunities The Committee for Equal Opportunities and the Arbitration Commission address any discrimination issues in regard to gender, ethnicity, religion, ideology, age or sexual orientation .

  • Ombuds Office to Safeguard Good Scientific Practice Contact the Ombudsman's Office to Safeguard Good Scientific Practice if you have any questions regading scientific integrity in research.

  • Office of the Austrian Student Ombudsman The Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research has an Ombuds Office for Students that is the central ombuds office for higher education institutions throughout Austria, providing all students with advice, assistance, and services free of charge.

    Office , opens in new window
„I aim to create a solution-oriented environment at the JKU while also supporting conflict resolution to all parties involved. In an effort to initiate potentially improved measures, I also welcome suggestions in regard to study conditions and student services and initiating supporting measures.“
Sonja Falkner-Matzinger, BA MSc
Ombudsperson for Students, JKU Linz
Registered mediator (ZivMediatG)
Portrait Sonja Falkner-Matzinger
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