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Intlaw Team 2023

Research Assistants

Student Assistants

Name Room Phone E-Mail  
Nicole Zöhner J 315 B 5194 nicole.zoehner(at)jku.at

Ragd Al Muhammad Al Diwani

J 315 B 5194 ragd.al_muhammad_al_diwani(at)jku.at

Professors Emeriti and Honorary Professors

Name Status
Em. O. Univ.Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Heribert Franz Köck M.C.L. (Ann Arbor), opens an external URL Emeritus
Hon.Prof. Ambassador a.D. Dr. Dr.h.c. Erich Kussbach LL.M. (Yale) Honorary Professor (ret.)

General Staff

Name Room Phone E-Mail
Andrea Mühlhäuser J 313 B 5191 andrea.muehlhaeuser(at)jku.at
Lukas Weinmann J 313 B 5191


AR Mag. Thomas Schindlauer J 033 A 3651 thomas.schindlauer(at)jku.at