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JKU HOERBIGER Research Institute for Smart Actuators
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Head of Institute

Name Room Phone Email
DI Dr. Florian Poltschak MT 0249 6436 florian.poltschak@jku.at

Deputy Head of Institute

Name Room Phone Email
o.Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. sc. techn. Wolfgang Amrhein (retired) MT 0269 6420 wolfgang.amrhein@jku.at


Name Room Extension E-Mail
Doris Falb MT 0268 6424 doris.falb@jku.at
Mag. Claudia Klambauer, opens a file MT 0268 6420 office.eal@jku.at
Sonia Sloma, opens a file MT 0268 6420 office.eal@jku.at
Accounting and Finance      
Gertraud Müller MT 0268 6422 gertraud.mueller@jku.at
Project staff      
Mia Wrann OIC   mia.wrann@jku.at

Scientific Staff

Name Room Phone Email
DI Sebastian Fizek MT 0250 6446 sebastian.fizek@jku.at
DI Bogdan Miroschnitschenko MT 0250 6450 bogdan.miroschnitschenko@jku.at
DI David Rafetseder MT 0250 6440 david.rafetseder@jku.at
Jakub Kunčak, MA OIC   jakub.kuncak@jku.at
Danilo Riquelme OIC   danilo.riquelme@jku.at

Project Staff

Name     E-Mail
Lukas Lahninger, BSc     lukas.lahninger@jku.at
Richard Haider     richard.haider@jku.at
Michael Karner     michael.karner@jku.at
Stefan Pflüglmayer     stefan.pflueglmayer@jku.at
Philipp Schleicher     philipp.schleicher@jku.at
Markus Speletz     markus.speletz@jku.at