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Kurt Rothschild School of Economics and Statistics
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Kurt W. Rothschild at the JKU.

Kurt W. Rothschild returned to the Economic Research Institute from Glasgow to Vienna in 1947. In 1966, he was appointed to the new University of Linz. In Linz, he had a unique opportunity to shape the brand new study of economics in Austria, filling the new institute with life and a spirit of research. His students, many of whom are still in important positions in research, economics and politics, bear witness to his outstanding role as an educator. Rothschild conducted research at the University of Linz until his retirement in 1984, during which he also served as Rector of the university (1971-72).


„[A] plurality of paradigms in economics and in social sciences in general is not only an obvious fact but also a necessary and desirable phenomenon in a very complex and continually changing subject.“
Kurt W. Rothschild
(From: To Push and to be Pushed, American Economist, 43, 1999, p. 5)