Team Law.

Name Position Law (Juridicum) Library Building Extension E-Mail Address
Mag. Sieglinde Hable Department Head for Law Juridicum Building 3656
Renate Buchegger

Subject Areas Civil Law, Environmental Law

Juridicum Building 3650
Karin Bürgmann

Subject Areas Civil and Environmental Law, Canon Law, European Legal History and Religious Law, Roman Law, University Law

Juridicum Building 3649
Sieglinde Gann

Subject Areas Labor Law, European and Austrian Civil Procedure Law

Juridicum Building 3652
Nadja Kragl

Subject Areas Administrative Education and Administrative Law, Finance Law, Tax Law and Tax Policies, Public Commercial Law

Juridicum Building 3646
Alexandra Praschl

Subject Areas Constitutional Law and Political Sciences, Social Services and Healthcare Law, and Medical Law

Juridicum Building 3647
Marko Samardzic Evening and weekend supervision Juridicum Building 3666
Nicole Schauflinger Evening and weekend supervision Juridicum Building 3666
Mag. Thomas Schindlauer

Subject Areas International and European Law, Multimedia Public Law

Juridicum Building 3651
Martina Seitlinger

Subject Area Criminal Law

Juridicum Building 3632
Sabine Urbanek

Subject Areas Legal Gender Studies, Corporate Law, Civil Procedure Law, Insolvency Law and Comparative Litigation

Juridicum Building 3648
Felix Zahradnik Evening and weekend supervision Juridicum Building 3666