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Institutes, schools, other departments, and programs create their own web content and menus.

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Shibboleth, an authentication and authorization process for web applications and web services, is an alternative to external access using a VPN (for JKU employees only) and HAN. (See LISSS, DBIS and in the EZB to find the corresponding links to log in via the authentication software HAN.)

In cooperation with ACOnet (Austrian Academic Computer Network) and content providers, the JKU aims to make more use these technologies. The requirement is that the respective content provider (publishing company, provider, etc.) makes this interface available. In this case, the individual providers should indicate in DBIS, opens an external URL in a new window how to access Shibboleth.

Digital Library


  • Register via Shibboleth using the information provider's respective website.

  • Search the website for terms such as Shibboleth Login, Institutional Login, Select your region or group, Login for organizations/institutions.

  • Next, select the JKU. Some providers will require selecting the federation before selecting the institution. In this case, it is the ACOnet federation.

  • Next, you will see the actual Shibboleth login page. Enter your JKU account access information at this point.

  • You will then see the registration terms & conditions guide for Shibboleth; you can adapt and then accept the terms & conditions of use.

  • After accepting the terms & conditions, you will be forwarded to the respective information provider's page.