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In addition to the licensed e-resources, the library offers trial access to databases, eJournals and eBooks.

The access period is limited and accessible only when on-site at the JKU campus or on-site at RISC; remote access is generally unavailable.

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HeinOnline (Law)

Trial access to February 10, 2022

HeinOnline is a research database covering a broad range of subject areas in law and legal topics.
All of the database content is available in PDF format.

HeinOnline's main content includes the Law Journal Library with full texts from nearly 3,000 globally published journal, Religion and the Law, a database covering the development, history, organization, and basic principles of various world religions, a comprehensive database of constitutions and treaties, over 14,000 books and papers by scholarly authors, and more.

The following packages are now available at the JKU:

  • HeinOnline International Core
  • HeinOnline Academic Core   
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