Use LISSS to Find Books & Materials.

Search Tips

On the LISSS homepage, the Simple Search is preset. Enter one or more words. The default is a search of all fields. You can, for example, add the year of publication to Author and Title as an additional search criterion.

The system is not case-sensitive, meaning when type in 'computer' you find computer, Computer and COMPUTER.

In the simple search, several terms will automatically be linked by the system with AND.

In the simple search, you can use the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (capital letters only). For example, if you enter 'heart' OR 'cardio', the system searches for all records that contain heart or cardio as a term.

You can also use the following placeholder symbols:

  • The ? replaces a letter (i.e. you can enter: han?  for search results: hans, hand, hemp, etc.).
  • The * replaces several letters (i.e. han* brings up results such as: handbuch, handelsakademie, etc.).

If you want to maintain the exact word order, put the phrase in quotation marks (i.e.. "computer programming"). LISSS will only search for phrases in which both words appear next to each other.

In advanced search, you can select corresponding fields in order to limit the search ahead of time (such as language, etc.).


Search Portal LISSS = LIterature Search Support Service

Your central access point to find books & materials at the JKU

Result Lists

When you submit a search query, you can search the entire library inventory at the University of Linz.

For a better overview, you can switch between the tabs Books and other media (local print and eBooks) on one hand, and Articles (licensed full texts from eJournals and databases) on the other hand.

This is how to optimize your search results.

  1. Books and Other Media

    In addition to the author, title and year of publication, the results list also shows an availability indicator for the location of what you are looking for. By displaying a symbol - corresponding to the type of media - we can guarantee visual classification.

    To the left of the results list, you will find faceting options to limit the results list according to your needs.

    Books and materials that are of interest to you can be added to your watch list by clicking on the thumbtack symbol. If you log in, you can save the watch list permanently. If you are not logged in, the watch list will be deleted after you close the browser.

    If you see Show Editions above the title, that means there are several editions available or the corresponding title is available both as a print copy and as an eBook.

    Under Available In, all corresponding information about the respective title that is needed to find or reserve the book will be displayed . Under inventory, you can find the  book's location, the due date if the book has been checked out, the signature and classification, the status, a description, if any, is displayed, and you can log on to see if it is possible to reserve or order the book.

    In the details, you will find more information about the title, the used keywords, and the AC number.

  2. Articles

    LISSS gives you the options to search explicitly for licensed full texts in eJournals and databases. You can access and save or print the full text directly from the results list.

    Of course, you also have the corresponding faceting options here and, if you wish, results can also be saved to the watch list.

Please Note:

There are databases that cannot be searched using LISSS (see list).