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Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour Library.

A Library Within a Library

In 1997, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour donated the holdings of its Social Science Studies Library to the Johannes Kepler University. Books and materials are available to library users at the Main Campus Library.

In addition, the Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour provides an annual amount of EUR 20,500 for the purchase of new books to maintain and update conventional collections.


The specialized library is well stocked and the collection includes 65,000 volumes in the fields of Social Sciences, Economics & Business, Law, History, and Philosophy as well as international material and special area titled Unions and Labour Movements. The collection areas at the Main Campus Library and at the Chamber of Labour partially cover and supplement each other.



Books and materials can be found in the LISSS search portal.


Order Books and Borrowing Policies

Find the identifiers of the books you would like find in the catalogs, order the book(s) using a form and library staff members will get the book and make it available to you.
Books in the AK collection can be used by AK members and students free of charge, as well as by external university users. Customary borrowing terms and conditions apply.

Materials that cannot be checked out include magazines and newspapers, loose-leaf collections, legal texts, encyclopedias, dictionaries.