Faculty Library for Medicine.

Inventory at the
Kepler University Hospital (KUK) Library

In addition to the Faculty of Medicine, the Main Campus Library at the JKU also provides the Kepler University Hospital with specialized books and materials as well as other services.


The information below is primarily for KUK personnel who are not JKU employees.
(If you are also employed at the JKU (professor, lecturer, etc.) and hold a JKU card, you can access and use all of the library resources and services licensed to the JKU.)


Some of the eResources available at the JKU are also accessible to KUK employees.

Licensed by the JKU for KUK, these resources can be accessed within the hospital's IP area.
Access to MCIV is currently available via Citrix.
Access to NMC is provided via Shibboleth.

The following resources are licensed and available to you:



Med Campus I (under construction)

Main Campus Library

Mag Susanne Luger
+43 732 2468 4885



DBIS contains licensed databases in the field of medicine.

(If you are also employed at the JKU, you also have access to all of the resources licensed by the JKU.
Learn more)


Open Access Publishing

As a KUK employee, you can currently publish open access articles in all Wiley and Springer journals without any restrictions.
Please always use your work email address (x.yz@kepleruniklinikum.at) during the publication process so that the publisher can allocate correctly.


(As a JKU employee, you are considered a "Corresponding Author" and can publish open access articles with other publishing houses (Springer, Sage, Emerald, etc.) and potentially get funding from the Publication Fund.
Additional Information)

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: open-access@jku.at.

Reference Management and Knowlege Organization

KUK employees can also take advantage of the JKU's license to use Citavi (reference management and knowledge organization) a free of charge:


1. Request the licensing information via https://www.citavi.com/kepler-uniklinikum
2. Download Citavi for free at: https://www.citavi.com/download
3. Enter your KUK e-mail address and following the e-mail instructions you will receive

During the course of the semester, the library offers a number of courses.

Additional Library Services

If you would like to take advantage of the library's other services, sign up as an external user. A one-time fee of €10 provides access to the Main Campus Library's inventory, services, and more.
Go online to take the first step and then come to the Main Campus Library at the JKU to verify your personal information any pay the fee.


KUK Subject Area Library

As a registered external user, you can access all of the Main Campus Library's inventory when on the JKU campus.

This includes the subject area MCIII (Room.1/115/D) and NMC (Room.L.30.005.0) libraries.
The JKU's library resources are not remotely accessible (externally) from home or your office.

InterLibrary Loans

If you cannot find what you are looking for at the KUK or JKU libraries, as a registered external user you can take advantage of our InterLibrary Loan service.

The fees for ordering journal articles are paid by KUK. Please enter "KUK" in the comment field of the online form. The article will then be sent to you by internal post.

(If you are a JKU employee, you already enjoy access to the Main Campus Library's full range of services and inventory.) There is no need to register as an external library user.)

Additional Information

Collection Development

The area of Medicine at the JKU's Main Campus Library, including library inventory, is currently being developed.

If you, as a physician and head of an institute at the JKU, have suggestions to expand the library's medical inventory, please send an e-mail to medizin.bibliothek@jku.at.

KUK Resources

Please note that the Kepler University Hospital also has its own licenses for eJournals and databases. You will find them on your Intranet behind "Literaturportal".

New Faculty Library Building

Med Campus I is currently being built in the city center. The new building includes a new library with generous amount of space to study and relax. The building is expected to be completed by 2021.

Take a sneek peak.

Info Material

Information about the materials and services at the KUK Library is available in flipbook form (last update: 06/2018).