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JKU Publication Funds for Open Access Publications.

Publication funding to pay for article fees (Article Processing Charges, APCs) for fee-based open access publications in scientific journals is available for academic/scientific authors at the JKU.


Open Access Office


+43 732 2468 4885
+43 732 2468 4883

Eligibility Criteria
for Journal Articles and E-Books

  1. Funding is for articles in open access journals. The journal must be listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals, opens an external URL in a new window.

  2. Funding for open access articles in subscription-based journals (‘hybrid open access’) is possible providing the journal is published by a publishing house that has a contract with the Johannes Kepler University that includes reasonable offsetting publication fees in turn for paying the subscription fee.

  3. Articles published as part of an Austrian Science Fund (FWF) project, an EU project, or primarily externally funded research will not be funded.

  4. Funding will be provided for eBooks (independent publications, monographs) that are considered outstanding in scientific and academic quality and which can be expected to considerably advance research in the respective academic area, especially in an international context.

  5. Funding will be allocated on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. Funding will be provided for a maximum of three publications per year and per author.

  6. We can fund a publication fee of up to net EUR 2,500. If the budget allows, higher fees can also be covered in full. The grant for eBooks is capped at net EUR 4,000.

  7. The corresponding author must be affiliated with the Johannes Kepler University.

  8. The name ‘Johannes Kepler Universität Linz’ and/or ‘Johannes Kepler University Linz’ must appear in the publication or on the journal's website as the organisational affiliation.

  9. If funding is approved, the applicant must make sure that an ‘acknowledgement’ is included in the article or in the eBook stating that funding was provided by the Johannes Kepler University's Publication Fund. (‘Funded by the Johannes Kepler University Open Access Publishing Fund’)

  10. There is no legal claim to funding. Once the publication funds have been exhausted, no more funding is available.

  11. Only new submissions will be funded. There is no reimbursement for APC invoices that have already been paid.

  12. Articles and eBooks funded by the Johannes Kepler University are available in the JKU ePub, opens an external URL in a new window archives.

The Funding Process

1. The library’s Open Access Office will review the application submissions and inform you on whether or not your application has been approved. If approved, you will receive a standard library form for the acknowledgement as well as the address for the Open Access Office. The publisher should send the bill to this address.

2. Send the acknowledgement to the publisher, along with the billing address provided by the library.

3. The publisher should send the bill to the Open Access Office. (If the publisher can only send the bill directly to the author, please forward the bill to the library for payment. Please do not pay the invoice yourself!)

4. The Open Access Office will settle the bill with the publisher and send you confirmation of payment rendered. After a funded publication is published, the Open Access Office will archive it in JKU ePUB, opens an external URL in a new window.


When should the application be submitted?

You can submit your funding application either before or after submitting your article and/or once the article has been accepted. The last possible point in which you can submit a funding application is when the bill or invoice is being prepared.
Publication costs that have already been paid are not eligible for reimbursement.

We strongly recommend that you submit the application prior to submission so that you can make sure that the JKU will cover the costs.

If you are still in the conceptual phase of your article and only wish to find out, in principle, if the the costs for a specific journal will be paid for out of the publication fund, please contact the library at: open-access(at)jku.at.

Submit an Application

(only for JKU Employees
and JKU students)

Submit an Open Access application by completing the application form and sending it to: