OA Publishing in Emerald Subscription Journals

In which content can OA articles be published?
In subscription journals that have an OA publishing option (= hybrid).

What types of articles will be accepted?
All articles aside from editorial, guest editorials, prefaces, etc.

Which licenses are available?
CC-BY 4.0

Which authors will be accepted?
Corresponding authors employed at the JKU at the time of acceptance.

How are the authors identified?
By the e-mail domain and/or the institution name (JKU).

Are there any costs or fees for authors?
No. Providing the above criteria is met, the agreement covers all of the author fees for Open Access publishing in Emerald subscription journals.

What is the process for authors
During the review process, authors eligible to publish with Emerald will receive an e-mail with information about automatic allocation of the APC voucher. If the article is not to be published as an OA article, the author is required to actively opt out.



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