Study Chemistry at LIT.

Healing diseases, recycling waste, harvesting clean energy - you realize you need to start small in order to achieve great things. Your response: Study chemistry at LIT and become a Smart Molecules Trainer - get underway to change the world.

Just take a look. Let our graduate student Barbara give you insight into her everyday life, talk about the Chemistry program, and introduce you to the JKU campus:

Your New Professor?

Let Professor Brüggemann explain what a lab at LIT looks like, what you need to bring to the table to study chemistry, what research and teaching mean to him, and just what opportunities you have here. Just watch.

Become a Smart Molecules Trainer

You are not just smart, but the building blocks with which you surround yourself on a daily basis are also smart. Up close to atoms you can transform matter and create useful products out of raw materials: polymer carriers for targeted chemotherapy, biodegradable materials, substances for organic solar cells and much, much more. You understand molecules, teach them new things, and - as a Smart Molecules Trainer - make them stars of the future.

Your personalized training plan at LIT is full of new findings. You work in state-of-the-art laboratories and together with industrial companies and at research facilities. You will learn how to develop problem-solving strategies on your own, work effectively as part of a team, and enjoy top-quality support services. And chemistry studies at LIT would help you to improve the quality of human life.

Chemistry Programs at LIT

So you've decided to study chemistry at LIT?  That's lit and the first step toward your new future.  Of course, you also have creative freedom because there are different degree programs to choose from. Here's what you need to know:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Teacher Education Studies
Secondary Level (General Education) Chemistry

Degree Program

Master's Degree Programs

Management in Chemical Technologies (MTC) (former Industrial Engineering - Technical Chemistry (WITECH))

Degree Program

SECONDARY LEVEL (GENERAL EDUCATION) Chemistry, to begin 2020/2021

Doctorate Degree Programs

Research-Led Teaching.

Teaching and research are closely linked at the LIT and supported by the various faculties and institutes at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences. If you study computer science, you already have an opportunity during studies to check out exciting research projects or even actively take part in one whether it be self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence or machine learning. Would you like to learn more? Click here for an overview of the institutes and to the department.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot actually! Six other areas such as polymer engineering technologies, mechatronics, mathematics, electronics & information technology, computer science, and physics, to be exact. Just take a look and discover the diversity of programs LIT offers in engineering and natural sciences.