Study Computer Science at LIT.

Play a board game against an artificial intelligence opponent or in virtual worlds - you can experience this and more at the JKU!

Algorithms, digital surgical assistants, autonomous factories, and quantum computers - here you will learn to understand and develop these technologies of the future. Make the decision now to study Computer Sciences or Artificial Intelligence at the JKU and get ready to conquer the future!

JKU graduate student Florian gives you a tour of the JKU campus and  provides insight in his everyday life at the university as he talks about what it is like to study computer science here:

Your New Professor?

Professor Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis explains what LIT is, what skills and talents you should bring to the table to earn a degree in computer science, what research and teaching means, and what kind of opportunities await you here.

Become a Deeper Learning Expert

You learn the art of artificial intelligence, teach computer programs how to make smart decisions, help cars drive by themselves, and write software that can change the world. You will work with great people and machines. You will dive into topics such as software engineering, data mining, and machine learning until you become a digital age pioneer.

Academic Degree Programs in Computer Science at LIT

You have decided to study computer science at LIT? You, of course, also have the freedom to choose your field of study as LIT offers a variety of academic degree programs. Learn more about them in detail here:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Doctorate Degree Programs

Research-Led Teaching

Teaching and research go hand-in-hand at LIT, supported by various departments and institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. If you pursue a degree in computer science, you have a unique opportunity to get a taste of many exciting research projects during your studies or even take part in some. Topics include self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Would you like to learn more? Here is an overview of all institutes and the subject areas.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot! Six additional areas such as polymer engineering technologies, mechatronics, mathematics, electronics & information technology, physics, and chemistry to be exact. Just take a look and discover the variety of academic degree programs in engineering and natural sciences:

Subject Area

Natural Sciences.

Because you want to understand how our universe works...

Subject Area


Because you find exoskeletons fascinating...