Study Electronics and Information Technology at LIT.

Software or hardware? You just love the way it all interacts! That's why you study Electronics & Information Technology at the LIT to become a Lab on a Chip Guru - working to fit amazing technology into the smallest of spaces.

Just take a look. Let our graduate student Sabrina take you around campus, give you insight into her studies, and tell you why LIT is special to her:

Your New Professor?

Let Professor Huemer explain how diverse his subject area is, what he believes makes for a good lecture, and what he's currently working on. Just take a look:

Become a Lab on a Chip Guru

A whole laboratory the size of a microchip - an idea that doesn't sound crazy to you but rather incredibly exciting. You can imagine just how thousands of biochemical operations can take place in just a few square millimeters of space, and how patients can be diagnosed with just a drop of blood. Then your imagination becomes a reality and revolutionizes medical diagnostics.

Or do you have other goals? Do you want to reach your goals by being a part of developing self-driving cars, researching radar technology, or telecommunications? Then LIT is the right place for you. Here we have space for countless opportunities, an open and informal atmosphere, and collaboration projects with partners in Austria and/or abroad. You just have to start studying Electronics & Information Technology!

Degrees in Electronics & Information Technology at LIT

So you've decided to study Electronics & Information Technology at LIT? That's lit and the first step toward your new future. Of course, you also have creative freedom because there are different degree programs to choose from. Here's what you need to know:

Bachelor's Degree

Master's Degree


Research-Led Teaching.

Teaching and research are closely linked at the LIT and supported by the various faculties and institutes at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences. If you study Electronics and Information Technology, you already have an opportunity during studies to check out exciting research projects or even actively take part in one. Would you like to learn more? Click here for an overview of institutes.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot actually! Six other areas such as polymer engineering, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and physics, to be exact. Just take a look and discover the diversity of programs LIT offers in engineering and natural sciences: