Study Engineering at LIT.

Self-driving cars, space technologies, vehicle parts made out of recycled plastic, more efficient resource-saving technologies. In order to meet the challenges we face in the future, we need outstanding engineers! Choose to study engineering at the Linz Institute of Technology!

Mechanical engineering, mechatronics, electronics and information technology or polymer engineering technologies. You will work with great people and machines. You will dive into subject areas such as smart engineering, Industry 4.0, and organic polymers to become a digital age pioneer.

Studying Mechatronics at LIT gives you so many opportunities. Just take a look! Let JKU student Ksenia give you a tour of the JKU campus as well as provide insight into her everyday life at the university as she talks about what it is like to study mechatronics. The other degree program pages contain more videos!

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Academic Degree Programs in Engineering at LIT

You have decided to study engineering at LIT? You, of course, also have the freedom to choose your field of study as LIT offers a variety of academic degree programs. Learn more about them in detail here:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Master's Degree Programs

Doctorate Degree Programs

Research-Led Teaching

Teaching and research go hand-in-hand at LIT, supported by various departments and institutes at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. If you pursue a degree in engineering, you have a unique opportunity to get a taste of many exciting research projects during your studies or even take part in some. Would you like to learn more? Here is an overview of all institutes.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot! Numerous other academic degree programs in computer sciences and natural sciences. Just take a look!

Subject Area

Natural Sciences.

Because you want to understand how our universe works...

Subject Area

Computer Science.

Because you want to know how one dives into virtual reality...