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Ksenia talks about the Mechatronics Program

You have so many opportunities when you study mechatronics at LIT. Just take a look. Let Ksenia give you a glimpse of her everyday life as she talks about the mechatronics program and introduces you to the JKU campus:


Your New Professor?

Professor Jakoby (a specialist for microelectronics in the field of mechatronics) talks about what you need to bring to the table to earn a degree in mechatronics, what research and teaching mean to him, and just what opportunities you have here. Just take a look.

Become a Bionic Evolution Stylist

Bionics that combine biology and technology - that's the theory. Practice is then creating something like velcro or a car paint featuring a lotus flower effect.
And this is exactly where you bring it all together. You sense natural phenomena and can develop technical innovations from them. You combine your creativity with your interest in science, having the ideas that move evolution forward: THE idea that can change the future.

And studying Mechatronics at LIT means you are completely free to create your own future. Because the program is full of possibilities and opportunities. You get to work with people from different subject areas; learn more about electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and ways to find new solutions. Discover your own path by studying Mechatronics at LIT.

Research-Led Teaching.

Teaching and research are closely linked at the LIT and supported by the various faculties and institutes at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences. If you study Electronics and Information Technology, you already have an opportunity during studies to check out exciting research projects or even actively take part in one. Would you like to learn more? Click here for an overview of institutes and to the department.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot actually! Six other areas such as polymer engineering, physics, mathematics, electronics & information technology, computer science, and chemistry, to be exact. Just take a look and discover the diversity of programs LIT offers in engineering and natural science: