Study Physics at LIT.

You're both happy and excited, two states at the same time - the quantum theory. And now you can put that into practice because you're starting your studies in Physics at LIT to become a Quantum Physics Wizard - few will really understand what you do, and that's why it seems like magic.

Just take a look. Let our undergraduate student Simon give you insight into his everyday life, talk about the Physics program, and introduce you to the JKU campus:

Your New Professor?

Let Professor Bonanni explain what a lab at LIT looks like, what you need to bring to the table to study physics, what research and teaching mean to her, and just what opportunities you have here. Just watch.

Become a Quantum Physics Wizard

It is pure joy for you when, for example, you conduct research on entangled photons and use quantum cryptography to develop tap-proof communication. Although only a handful of people will know, you consequently did everything right. And you keep going. You reach your goals by just following your curiosity; maybe using lasers, maybe using high-speed computers, but maybe in a completely different area as well.

Or even in a completely different place - you have the opportunity at the LIT. Because the program here covers the entire spectrum of physics and international collaboration efforts mean the world is at your feet. You'll learn the fundamentals, methods, and technical applications - studying physics at LIT will lay the perfect foundation for your future professional career.

Physics Programs at LIT.

So you've decided to study physics at LIT?  That's lit and the first step toward your new future.  Of course, you also have creative freedom because there are different degree programs to choose from. Here's what you need to know:

Bachelor's Degree Programs

Teacher Education Studies
Secondary Level (General Education) Physics

Degree Program

Master's Degree Programs

To begin 2020/2021

Doctorate Degree Programs

Research-Led Teaching.

Teaching and research are closely linked at the LIT and supported by the various faculties and institutes at the JKU's Faculty of Engineering & Natural Sciences. If you study computer science, you already have an opportunity during studies to check out exciting research projects or even actively take part in one whether it be self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence or machine learning. Would you like to learn more? Click here for an overview of institutes and to the department.

What else does LIT have to offer?

Quite a lot actually! Six other areas such as polymer engineering, mechatronics, mathematics, electronics & information technology, computer science, and chemistry, to be exact. Just take a look and discover the diversity of programs LIT offers in engineering and natural sciences.