Savvy Computers: Top Ranking for AI Pioneer Sepp Hochreiter

AI expert Sepp Hochreiter has been named as one of the 10 most important researchers in the field of Deep Learning.

What do BERT, GPT-3 and LSTM have in common? These are terms that describe milestones in Deep Learning development. Recently the 10 most important and influential researchers in this field of computer science were selected and Sepp Hochreiter (LIT AI Lab) was among the top 10. His groundbreaking development in LSTM (Long short-term memory) is not only considered a significant milestone in the field of machine learning and deep learning, he has also had a major impact on neural network research.

Hochreiter heads the LIT AI Lab at the JKU, focusing on artificial intelligence. Members of the LIT AI Lab have made it their mission to shape and advance research in AI as well as AI in industrial applications.

NEWS 13.10.2020