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Grand Opening of the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab at the LIT OIC.

Grand Opening of the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab

A demonstration of a live computer hack showed just why it is important to have a Secure and Correct Systems Lab.

Andreas Grimmer erhielt den klartext-Preis 2019. Credit: Ingo Knopf (Montage: TEMPUS CORPORATE)

JKU Researcher Presented with the KlarText Award

Andreas Grimmer was presented with the Klartext Award in the category of computer sciences for his contributions to "A Lab on a Chip".

LUS4Metals-Workshop an der JKU. Credit: Recendt

LUS4Metals Workshop in Linz

The "4th Annual International Workshop on Laser-Ultrasound for Metals" (short: the "LUS4Metals") in Linz ended on Thursday.

Unser Team beim Finale des VolgaCTF-Wettbewerbs.

Upper Austrian Students Successfully "Hack" Their Way through the VolgaCTF Final

At one point, the team was in second place however in the end, the FH and JKU team placed 6th.

JKU Kepler Hall under construction

Construction Continues at the JKU

Rector Meinhard Lukas and JKU Operations Manager Alexander Freischlager talk about campus enhancement at the JKU.

Martina Mara Nominated as Austrian of the Year

Martina Mara Nominated as “Austrian of the Year”

As a robot psychologist, she is by no means a therapist for WALL-E, Terminator & Co. No, she and her team at the LIT Robopsychology Lab conduct…

portrait photo showing Martina Mara and a KUKA robot arm

Martina Mara Nominated as “Austrian of the Year”


New paper on uncanny "machines with a mind" 

appearing soon in Journal "Computers in Human Behavior"

Sujet des Ars Electronica Festival 2019

At the Ars Electronica Festival

In her talk at the conference panel "Humanizing AI" Martina Mara stood up for the need of diversity in tech development.