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LUS4Metals Workshop in Linz

The "4th Annual International Workshop on Laser-Ultrasound for Metals" (short: the "LUS4Metals") in Linz ended on Thursday.

LUS4Metals-Workshop an der JKU. Credit: Recendt
LUS4Metals-Workshop an der JKU. Credit: Recendt

RECENDT (based at the LIT OIC) extended an invitation to over 45 researchers at international companies and research institutions to take part in the two-day workshop. Participants exchanged information about new methods, research findings, and new applications for laser ultrasound to explore and test metals.

The 4th annual LUS4Metals workshop took place in Linz, following meetings in Canada (2013, 2016) and Sweden (2017).  The Linz research company RECENDT brought the event to Austria for the first time. The 2021 "LUS4Metals" workshop will take place in Paris.