Sepp Hochreiter

Director of the LIT AI Lab

Head of the Deep Learning Group

Sepp Hochreiter’s seminal works about the vanishing gradient and Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) networks laid the foundation of what has now become known as Deep Learning. LSTM has been widely adopted in deep learning applications including research and commercial tools such as speech and language interfaces in smartphones.

Armin Biere

Head of the Logical Reasoning Group

Armin Biere co-invented Bounded Model Checking (BMC) that is now a standard technique in industrial formal verification. BMC's practical applicability relies on the power of logical reasoning engines such as SAT solvers and their extensions. Armin Biere is one of the world's leading experts in SAT solving.  He has received numerous awards and accolades for his solvers at competitive evaluations of solving tools.

Gerhard Widmer

Head of the Computational Perception Group

Gerhard Widmer is one of the most highly cited researchers in the fields of Sound and Music Computing (SMC) and Music Information Retrieval (MIR). His teams in Linz and Vienna have effectively been defining state-of-the-art in tasks such as rhythm and tempo perception, real-time beat and music tracking as well as predictive modeling of expressive music performance, and are among the leading labs in general acoustic scene classification and event detection. Widmer's pioneering work has won him numerous top scientific awards and accolades both in Austria (Wittgenstein Award) and abroad (ERC Advanced Grant).

Gerhard Widmer vor Klavier stehend

Günter Klambauer

Head of the Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences Group

Günter Klambauer is a leading researcher for machine learning methods in Life Sciences. For the introduction of machine learning methods in molecular biology, he has received the Austrian Life Science Award. He is known for the invention of self-normalizing neural networks.

Markus Schedl

Head of the Human-centered AI Group

Markus Schedl is well known for his work on recommender systems, user modeling, multimedia information retrieval, and web mining. He has led or was involved in several scientific projects funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), and the European Commission (EC).

Research Groups

Name Research Area E-Mail
Günter Klambauer AI in Life Sciences
Markus Schedl Human-centered AI


Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence

Faculty Members at the LIT AI Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence

Name Research Area E-Mail
Armin Biere Logical Reasoning
Alexander Egyed Software Systems Engineering
Alois Ferscha Pervasive Computing
Manuel Kauers Computer Algebra
Sepp Hochreiter Machine Learning
Gerhard Widmer Computational Perception

Administrative Staff

Name Position E-Mail Telephone number

Mag. Doris Kaiserreiner

LIT AI Lab Manager +43 732 2468 9391

Jenny Joana Knauth, MA

Administration & Studies

+43 732 2468 9390

Franz Kaineder

Technician +43 732 2468 9392