Structure of the
Graduate School
of Artificial Intelligence

Become a highly educated, next-generation AI researcher.

The doctorate degree program at the Graduate School is based on a structured PhD curriculum and will take three to four years to complete. The curriculum includes completing a dissertation, mandatory courses, elective courses, and an optional stay abroad.


To earn a PhD degree and adhere to the high quality requirements at the Graduate School, students must:

1. Select a Topic

The dissertation topic is selected by the PhD candidate and the PhD candidate's supervisor. A co-supervisor is selected from among faculty members at the LIT | AI Lab in order to complement the supervisor's expertise.

2. Proficiency Examination

After the first year of the program, the PhD candidate is required to pass a proficiency exam. The PhD candidate will be required to write a summary report about the first year of the program and, in front of a committee of Graduate School faculty members, outline concrete plans for the dissertation. The committee of three Graduate School faculty members will evaluate the report and presentation.

3. Mid-Term Evaluations

After each year of the program, the PhD candidate is required to report on the current status of his/her PhD work to a committee comprised of two faculty members.

4. Pre-Defense

One year before the planned submission of the dissertation, the PhD candidate will be asked to talk about his/her current contributions to the JKU Computer Science faculty by giving a short report and an overview presentation. A committee of three JKU faculty members will evaluate the presentation.

5. Oral Defense

The PhD candidate's work is to be defended. A committee will be formed in accordance with the guidelines at the JKU Linz and the guidelines at the Department of Computer Science.

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Compulsory courses

The compulsory courses include a joint research seminar (once a month) and the lecture „Advanced Topics in Artificial Intelligence“ given by the faculty members of the Graduate School.

Elective courses

Elective courses include advanced courses offered at JKU Linz or in accordance with the supervisor at any other university. These courses are individually selected to complement the skills of the PhD candidate.

Go Abroad

The Graduate School encourages PhD candidates to study abroad at an international university or research institution for a period between 2-6 months. Financial aid is available. The expertise at the host university or host institution must complement research topics at the Graduate School.


The PhD candidate will be required to assist in or teach university-level classes at the PhD supervisor's institute in order to acquire teaching experience in preparation for an academic career.