About Us.

The research of the LIT | CPS Lab covers two main areas with the following research topics:

Software engineering methods for the control level of production plants and machines

  • Modularization, decoupling, reusability
  • Service orientation (orchestration, choreographies)
  • Which languages (IEC 61131-3, IEC 61499, ...) to use and to further develop
  • Quality assurance (testing, formal methods, ...) and development processes
  • Use and networking of engineering data from other engineering disciplines
    • Handling variability of different engineering disciplines    
    • Consistency checks between engineering data of different disciplines
    • Derivation of requirements, tests, ...
    • Generating code, simulations, configurations, ...


Networking in production and machines

  • Data acquisition and preparation, "Supervisory Control"
  • Implementing real-time service-oriented architectures
  • Technologies:
    • OPC UA: Information Modeling, VDMA Standards, Use of Methods and Programs, Pub/Sub
    • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN): Properties, possibilities, configuration and areas of application


New Software Engineering Methods and Tools for Mastering Variability and Complexity in Cyber-physical Production Systems

  • Variability modeling and product configuration
  • Software Maintenance and Evolution
  • Software Monitoring